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Mirror, Mirror

V.1 of The Mirror Mirror Contest is on its way. Here are the rules::

1. ONE submission per person
2. No rude comments on the pictures!
3. Wait for everyone to have posted their picture,
then reply and say "You're the fairest one of all" under the person who's picture you think is funniest.
4. Your reply to the picture (the "You're the fairest one of all" comment) must be done anonymously or else youre vote will NOT count. It's done anonymously so no one can get upset at someone for not voting for them.
5. All submissions MUST be entered by Oct. 10
6. This will be judged on who has the funniest picture -not- who is the prettiest.
7. Head shots and full body shots are acceptable!
8. Have fun with it and don't get too stressed out.

Let the Games begin, please don't break my Mirror!
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