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Li Mei Xing



Name: Mei-xing (or, my hideous English name: Amanda)
Gender: Lady-type thing
Age: 16
Eye Color: Brownish
Sexual Preference: I dunno; I think both men and women are attractive, but I don't think I'd ever have sex with a man. Which basically means I'll never marry one. XD
Location: Marylandonia
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Body Mods: Just a regular pierced ear-deal. *is a weenie*
Maritial Status: No?
Pets: CATS. Four of them. We used to have this 21-year old, 3-legged, toothless cat, but not anymore. D: Oh, and fish. A bunch of koi and one pacu. We used to have more in with the pacu; gee, I wonder what happened to them?
Religion (optional): Technically Catholic, but not really.

Favorite Bands: Dengue Fever; Fleetwood Mac; Deep Forest; Chitose Hajime; Angela McCluskey; Khadja Nin; Kiran Ahluwalia; Psapp; 12 Girls Band; A Girl Called Eddy
Favorite Books: Nightrunner; The Claidi Journals; Drawing Blood; The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency; Wraeththu (even though I don't like the constantly poetic style of writing, it's got hermaphrodites, so that makes it OK)
Favorite Movies: A Tale of Two Sisters; Ju-On; The Emperor's New Groove; Monty Python and the Holy Grail; Chicago; Frailty (even though it has a CRAP ending and it's just a hideous montage of HORRIBLE things happening to the only likeable character and no one caring, not to mention I can't stand to watch a good 3/4 of it due to those reasons)
Favorite TV Shows: MST3K; Invader Zim; Good Eats; The Secret Life of... ; Cake/pastry competitions; The Daily Show; Xiaolin Showdown; The Mighty Boosh; Little Britain; Rex the Runt; The Young Ones
Hobbies Of Interest: Drawling! And, uh, web design?
Favorite Candy/Food: Anything Ramune-flavored; salmon; La Tolteca's chicken enchiladas (zomg!); other things
Favorite Drink: Those flavored vitamin waters (the good tasting ones, not the other kind); Dr. Pepper; various flavors of Jones Soda
Color Of Choice: Uh, blue?
Favorite Phrase/Quote: "I'm gonna be all over you like natural yogurt," which is just a combination of lines that I ripped from The Might Boosh.

Fill In The Blank:
1.)If I were an animal, I would be a(n) MONKEY. Or maybe a toad. I like toads.
2.)Three words that describe me are Spazmo, Perverted , and Hobbit.
3.)If I could live anywhere, I would live in a place without tornados or house centipedes.

Do You...?:
Do any type of drugs: (Medications included.) Loooovox
Have sex frequently: Nevar
Discriminate others based upon race: Nope
Discriminate others based upon looks: Try not to. Unless you're Paris Hilton and her nose.
Hate rating communties and why: I actually think the so-called "Inner Beauty" communities are worse. I mean, I'd rather have someone attack my looks over my interests/opinions. Yah, we're a community of diverse, unique people, but we'll shun you if you don't share the exact same tastes and opinions as we do! Hahaha.
Disagree with gay marriage: I wanna gay-marry a turtle! Wait, what? Oh- no, of course I don't disagree with it. Even though married people are weird. But that could just be my parents...
Have low self esteem: Little from column A, little from column B; I'm shy around people my own age and am constantly paranoid that people are thinking bad things about me, YET I have a big-headed Napoleon-complex. Which makes me so much more amazing than you.
Smoke cigarettes: Ew, no.

This Or That:
Absinthe Or A Martini: Booze is icky.
Lipstick Or Lip Gloss: Lip gloss, even tho it only stays on for about 3 seconds.
Boots Or Stiletos: Booooots
Strawberries Or Oranges: Oranges
Puppies Or Kitties: *head explodes* Uh, both.
A Foot Massage Or A Back Massage: I don't like being touched. >:U
The Cure Or Depeche Mode: Who?
Dreads Or Braids: Braids... unless you're a Puli. (<3 Pulis)
Necklace Or Collar: Necklace
Glitter Or Nail Polish: Glitter s'cause nail polish is hard to apply and smells and always ends up in my hair/food.
London Or New York: New York, I guess. *hasn't really been to either*
Snow Or Rain: Sno
Johnny Depp Or Christina Ricci: If I don't say Johnny Depp, my mom will kill me. No foolin'
The Munsters Or The Addams Family: Addams Family
Marilyn Monroe Or Bettie Page: Marilyn Monroe, I guess.
Pink Or Purple: Depends on what kind of pink and what kind of purple.
Dead Or Alive: Alive, even though zombies are sexeh.
Nude Or Clothed: Clothed
Sex Or Abstinence: Abstinence for me.
Boy Or Girl: I don't know. O_o

I'm gonna stretch your page like, woah. Or not.

<- From, like, 2003.

Wait, what?

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you are Le beautiful!!!!

and i loove cats.
Thank yoo!

Even ones that WHIZ everywhere?
they are the best. if they think your foot is their territory, you gotta love 'em!
Haha, never had that happen. Though, one of them *points to icon* decided that my mom was his, once. What a mama's boy. >.>

Deleted comment

Oooh, let's see if you say that when you see my collection of broken pencils and small animals that I've got stuck up there.

The hair, not the cat. :D