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Things I wish to indulge in/splurge on....
1) Ice-cream waffles: honeydew, taro, taro-coconut, twist(choco-vanilla), mango, red bean, and green-tea flavoured.
2) Make-up: I need more make-up <3 to hide how I feel on the inside.
3) Clothing: I feel that I need to be underweight to be beautiful, but other then that I am holding myself back from getting anything new unless I am satisfied.

My wish is to feel at peace with myself and everything around me but I never seem to feel that way. My life makes it nearly impossible to do that. There always something bad that happens to me.
Lol it sounds impossible but its entirely true. I have low self-esteem but I am optimistic. Sometimes I blow up and I can't help it.
[+]Peace and tranquility has always managed to elude me, and I wish it didn't.
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