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Here goes nothing!


Name: Yolande
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Eye Color: brown
Sexual Preference: on the straight side of bisexuality
Location: moving to Vancouver on the 29th, until then, Burke, VA
Star Sign: Gemini
Body Mods: ??? average?
Maritial Status: Single
Pets: my pubic lices ( jsut being grotesque ) I have spiders all over my room. I dont like them. They seem to like biting me in my sleep.
Religion (optional): Sceptical Christian

Favorite Bands: MCR, NIN, MSI, The used, Emery                                                          Favorite Books: HP, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter serie
Favorite Movies: 28 days later, Queen of the Damned, Bend it like Beckham
Favorite TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, THe Osbournes, the nanny, Farscape
Hobbies Of Interest: Art
Favorite Candy/Food: General Tso chicken and Shrimp Lo mein
Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Color Of Choice: Black
Favorite Phrase/Quote: Fuck you

Fill In The Blank:
1.)If I were an animal, I would be a(n) _Bat_.
2.)Three words that describe me are __Crazy_,_Obscene_, and _silly_.
3.)If I could live anywhere, I would live in _Senegal, Africa.

Do You...?:
Do any type of drugs: (Medications included.) not anymore.
Have sex frequently: * weeps* not anymore
Discriminate others based upon race: not really 
Discriminate others based upon looks: have you seen me?
Hate rating communties and why: i've been told im ugly by so many people on the damn net that it's actually fucked with my sef image.
Disagree with gay marriage: let them do what they wanna do.
Have low self esteem: yes, but im working on it
Smoke cigarettes: I can control my self.

This Or That:
Absinthe Or A Martini: I hate martinis
Lipstick Or Lip Gloss: Lip gloss
Boots Or Stiletos: Boots
Strawberries Or Oranges: Strawberries
Puppies Or Kitties: Oh...thats a toughie
A Foot Massage Or A Back Massage: back
The Cure Or Depeche Mode: ooh....shit.....Depeche mode
Dreads Or Braids: braids
Necklace Or Collar: collar
Glitter Or Nail Polish: glitter
London Or New York: London
Snow Or Rain: Snow
Johnny Depp Or Christina Ricci: Johnny Depp in a silk sheet
The Munsters Or The Addams Family: Addams
Marilyn Monroe Or Bettie Page: Marilyn Monroe
Pink Or Purple: Purple
Dead Or Alive: Dead
Nude Or Clothed: Nude
Sex Or Abstinence: Sex
Boy Or Girl: Boy


  taken a few months back

 When i was in Paris

 In Africa



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